Nantinet builds exceptional websites
With over 20 years of experience in web design, development and hosting, we can build any kind of site you want – from a basic single-page blog through to a full eCommerce platform. If you need to integrate with other services, that’s no problem.

We use WordPress as our primary Content Management System, as it is the most widely used platform in the world (over one billion sites use it!) and there are literally thousands of free themes (templates) and plugins (add-on apps) available. Once it is set up, you can maintain the site yourself, or we can do that at very reasonable rates. With WordPress, you also get a blog which is a great way to connect with your audience and keep the site updated (search engines like that).

If you have an existing site that you want to keep, we can do any updates and changes required – all platforms are supported – and we can even do a WordPress conversion of your current site while keeping the design and content. Once you have a WordPress site, you’ll get a mobile-friendly version included, and it’s easy to change the theme later if you want a new look.

Once your site is built, you are free to do whatever you wish with it – including move it to another hosting company, or have anyone else work on site development – you are not locked in to using us to maintain the site, unlike the so-called ‘free’ services which restrict you to using their hosting and their costly in-house development services.

Responsive web design from NantinetMobile first

With more web users getting their content through mobile devices, it may be better to say that a website should be desktop friendly rather than mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website is now a requirement, not just for a good user experience but also for higher search engine rankings. All our sites are designed to be ‘fully responsive’ on mobile platforms, i.e. they resize to fit the screen properly, while maintaining a desktop layout for larger screens.

Web add-ons from NantinetUnlimited add-ons

From photo galleries to animation libraries, social media integration to text messaging services, there are thousands of free plugins to choose from, all produced and maintained by independent developers. All the popular web services have WordPress plugins. You can use as many as you wish to add features to your site.

Custom web coding from Nantinet Custom coding

When it comes to integrating with an external web service or gathering input from your users, there is usually a plugin available which will do the job. But if these don’t meet your requirements, or when you need to present your Company’s data online, you may need a custom script written or a custom plugin developed. We offer a full development service at very reasonable rates.

Graphics and animations from NantinetGraphics and animations

First impressions last, and the appearance of your site is important. If you need a completely custom designed site, we can build you a theme from scratch using jQuery, Bootstrap and the WordPress API.

Copywriting from NantinetWriting copy

Your website tells your story, but it’s often difficult to put that into words. We can write all the text, to your directions, from a few simple notes, saving you hours of work. Where AI can be used to speed this up, all text will be fully proof-read and changed as required. This is not limited to a new website, we can work with your existing site as well.

SEO from Nantinet Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is at the heart of any web site, and all new sites are or course fully optimized for search engine indexing. If your existing site needs updating, we can improve both your search engine placement and how your site appears in search results. We can provide you with detailed search statistics so you know who is using your site and how they are discovering it, and advise on advertising and monetization.

Custom designed
Your website will be fully custom designed around your business, not built from a standard template.
Built for mobile
All new sites are fully ‘responsive’, so they work on small screens as well as traditional computers and tablets.
Free plugins
There are literally thousands of free plugins to extend your site and add functions as and when you need.
No ties
WordPress is an industry-standard platform, so you are not locked in to a single developer or service provider.
Keep it fresh
The blogging platform built in to your site is an easy way to add new material and keep your search engine listing high. Blogging can even be automated using external AI services.
Ongoing support
Help and support always available, with no charge for small updates.

Our pricing schedule can be found here.

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