Hosting services by Nantinet
We offer a variety of web and email hosting solutions through a number of different service providers. All WordPress website hosting is fully managed. If you prefer to use your own hosting provider, then we are happy to use their services providing they meet the basic requirements for a WordPress installation.

If you wish to transfer your hosting to us or another provider, it may be necessary to change your email settings – we can advise on this or do it for you.

Content Delivery

When it comes to serving images or videos for your website, it is important to have the right content delivery mechanisms in place. Content Delivery Networks use large numbers of web servers around the world, so content can be served quickly from servers close to the user thus reducing the number of ‘hops’ the data has to make before it reaches its destination. We use KeyCDN or CloudFlare to improve content delivery for sites which are bandwidth hungry, and add static caching for additional speed improvements. Videos can be hosted on Amazon S3 for better performance.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements