Code monkey

Whatever your coding requirements, whether it’s building a custom plugin for your website, coding in the cloud, or building an app, give us a call – our rates are very competitive. If you have an existing codebase, we can work with that. We code primarily in PHP / MySQL, JavaScript and C# but we also support Java and C++. We develop mostly on Windows machines, and use CentOS as our web server of choice. Our Code Monkey has years of experience in programming, is happy swinging around with any API, and will work for bananas (with a small additional charge for his upkeep, of course).

We can work with:

  • ASP .NET Core
  • RESTful API’s
  • PHP
  • WordPress and Drupal
  • MySQL databases
  • JavaScript
  • Unity – both 2D and 3D development
  • Windows APIs
Please contact us to discuss your requirements
We don't actually work for bananas
we don’t actually work for bananas